Friday, August 14, 2009

Possible redirections

I just moved onto the farm near Oxnard, CA where four other women and I will be living and working for the next 11 months or so. We set up a blog today about the farm project, which will be a forum for each of us to regularly reflect and update our communities about this experience.
The URL is

Another site to check out is, which "Farmer Paul" set up. We'll be working with him to convert part of his acreage to organic, community supported agriculture (CSA).

I'm not sure whether or not I'll post updates on this blog. In some ways, it could be helpful, challenging, and fun to write for the "blog-o-sphere," but in other ways I get uncomfortable directing my writing through blogging. So there may be updates here, but if not, then check out the farmhouse community's blog. I think it'll offer a diverse perspective on our farming experience(s).

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Melissa said...

Katerina! I was just thinking of you as my family and I headed up to Yosemite this past week. So great to hear you are in Oxnard!