Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Working on a full-tuition scholarship to seminary that's due Friday, and finding that I still work best under pressure, unfortunately. And my writing skills have sadly slowed down A LOT since college. Taking a break now. Here's an excerpt from my 10 page essay on the very broad prompt they gave: "The Church."
"Much of Mennonite theology is expressed in how we cook, evidenced by Mennonites’ commitment to simplicity, using resources wisely, sharing with others, and remembering those without food. A Catholic friend of mine recently told me (tongue-in-cheek, I believe) that she was on the verge of converting to the Mennonite faith because of the More with Less cookbook! She loved the connections the cookbook made between our cooking and our care for the hungry in the rest of the world. Mennonites know that how we eat says a lot about who we are as the body politic."
One of my recent feasts: artichoke, lemon, basil, and oyster mushrooms sautéed with arugula all from our weekly Catholic Worker free food distribution - leftovers from grocery store "gleanings." And brown rice. Amen.

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Cristina Rose Smith said...

Gosh! That meal looks sooo tasty!