Friday, June 22, 2007

In which I (re)discover technology

I have started a blog. (Isn't that the phrase every blogger must begin with?) In the past I have had trouble broadcasting myself to the world. Maybe I'll write more about my 'struggle' with Facebook later. I worry that I do not know myself and the self I am putting forward online is not true. You see, with a virtual self I can fold over any number of flat paper 'clothing', presenting my self just how I wish to be perceived. In this cyberworld we must realize that we are multi-dimensional people, and the virtual 1-D selves we place in virtual uni-dimensional communities are really quite poor reflections of the complex creation that is us.
So this blog is a test to see if I can handle online 'communities' again as I participate in real ones in the here and now. I will try my best, as in "real" life, to find myself in the context of others and in God. The thoughts I write, then, are not mine, but are intertangled in the web of your influence. Please respond. I hope my words do not fall like concrete. I hope they flow as questions do, receding like waves, and returning back again in constant flux.

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Face said...

Welcome to this addiction! I'm subscribing. I'm hoping to come down to Tegus sometime in July. You'll be there, I presume?