Saturday, June 23, 2007

My first poem in spanish

This poem was written following a hard lesson I learned about the plantain. One afternoon in Honduras, I was feeling very hungry. I spied a big banana on the table and decided to eat it. It more than satisfied my appetite. Later, in the throes of stomach pain, I was told I had eaten a whole raw plantain. Plantains are not bananas. And they are only supposed to be eaten cooked...

Lección del Platano
Nadie me enseñó
el lección del platano
Pero aprendí, sí, yo

Jamás lo come crudo.
Jamás lo come todo.
¡Jamás lo come el platano!

Cuando lo comí el platano,
Crudo, todo,
Fue muy pesado
Como lodo
que coge su zapato
después de la primera lluvia.

Cerré mis ventanas
para detener la tormenta
Traté a dormir
Aunque trueno persistió
a mi puerta.
Aun la cancion en
mi mente fue,

Jamás lo come crudo,
Jamás lo come todo,
¡Jamás lo come el platano!

Finalmente, lo venió
como alabanzas
Regocijando de me voca
dentro la oreja del grán tazón.

La tormenta fue terminado,
y he aprendido el lección
del platano.

in english,

Lesson of the Plantain
No one taught me
the lesson of the plantain
But I learned, yes,
I learned.

Never eat it raw.
Never eat it all.
Never eat the plantain!

When I ate the plantain,
Raw, all,
It was quite heavy,
Like mud
that clutches your shoe
after the first rain.

I shut my windows
to keep away the storm
I tried to sleep
though thunder kept thumping
at my door.
Still the song in my head was,

Never eat it raw.
Never eat it all.
Never eat the plantain!

At last, it came
like praises
Rejoicing from my lips
into the ear of the big bowl.

The storm passed, and
I have learned the lesson
of the plantain.

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